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  • No per-card charges
  • No monthly charges
  • Send unlimited ecards by email
  • Make your own cards
  • Always full-size ecard view
  • Ecards do not expire
  • Recipient can print the ecard
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25 Holidays and Occasions You Should Mark with an Ecard

Indulge your inner creative by surprising that special someone with ecards for National Dress Up Your Pet Day or National Best Friends Day. Plus, learn the power of "ecards just because" to brighten anyone's day!

Sending Ecards Will Brighten Any Day

Forget the mailbox dash! Sending love and well wishes has always been about connection. But beyond the traditional birthday cards and congratulations notes, there's a whole world of unexpected ways to show you care. Imagine a virtual confetti cannon exploding in someone's inbox or greeting cards with music – that's the power of a surprise ecard! Some of the most popular occasions to mark with email greeting cards include: 

  • Birthdays & Birth Announcements
  • Anniversaries & Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Religious Holidays
  • Cultural Holidays
  • As a Thank You
  • Wishing Another Well
  • Sympathy

However, ecards offer endless possibilities outside of these more traditional moments. From celebrating a job promotion to remembering a fine arts or sporting accomplishment with a hilarious animation to sending a heartfelt "thinking of you" message with a touch of music. Free online greeting cards allow you to explore this fun and unexpected territory.  Whether you choose a beautoful flowers or a heartwarming melody, an ecard can make any day special. Let's dive into the world of ecards and discover how to surprise your loved ones with a digital delight!

The Power of "Ecards Just Because": Celebrate the Unexpected!

Forget the limitations of traditional greeting cards! Email greeting cards open doors to a world of quirky celebrations, letting you send a digital surprise that perfectly fits any occasion - from your love of tacos to your love of one another. Here's how unexpected holidays and observances can become the perfect excuse to brighten someone's day with digital greeting cards:

  • National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14th): Is your furry friend sporting a superhero cape or a tutu? Capture their adorable costume in a greeting card with photo 
  • National Hugging Day (January 21st): Send a virtual hug with a heartwarming ecard that expresses your affection.
  • National Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th): This is a great opportunity to spread kindness with thoughtful greeting cards with flowers that brightens their day for no reason at all.
  • National Women’s Day (March 8th): This is a wonderful time to remember a special sister, aunt, or friend. 
  • National Best Friends Day (June 8): A great time to express how much your best friend means to you. 
  • National Seed Swap Day (Observed the first Sunday in February): Have a friend who loves flower gardening or someone you traditionally swap seeds with? A greeting card with painting of flowers is a great choice!
  • Changing Seasons: Seasonal cards are a perennial favorite - especially for those who have a special affinity for a specific season. 
  • National Relaxation Day (August 15th): eCards from our Summer collection would be a perfect addition to a lazy summer weekend!
  • National Donut Day (Observed the first Friday in June) and National Coffee Day (September 29th): Have a friend who is as addicted to Donuts as you are to Coffee? This is the perfect card to mark your inseparability!

These are just a few examples – the possibilities are endless! With free online greeting cards and digital greeting cards, you can celebrate any occasion, big or small. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the unexpected.

Beyond the Quirky: Special Occasions for Every Bond

Ecards aren't just for celebrating National Tell a Joke Day! They can also be a thoughtful way to mark special occasions within your most cherished relationships. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The Anniversary of Your First Date: While anniversaries and Valentine's Day are classics, surprise your sweetheart with an ecard for "Just Because I Love You Day" (unofficial, but totally sweet!).
  • Life Milestones: You could share in a baby’s first steps or first words. 
  • National Care About You Day (October 25th): This is a great time to remember a friend you wish you could see more often!
  • A New house or Life Change: send encouragement to a friend moving to a new city 
  • Returning the Favor: Has a friend surprised you with flowers or a surprise meal out? Sending an ecard just because is a great way to thank them! 
  • Remembering a Family Moment: Thinking of sending a heartfelt message to your parents or siblings? Ecards can be perfect for celebrating achievements, sending birthday wishes, or simply saying "I'm thinking of you."
  • New Beginnings: Welcome a new baby into the world with a personalized ecard, celebrate a graduation with a digital card that pops with confetti, or the wedding of a special friend.

What are the best ecards for these occasions? It depends on your recipient's taste! From heartwarming animations to funny cartoons, there's an ecard for every personality. Remember, the most important thing is the sentiment behind it. While ecards offer a convenient and eco-friendly option, sometimes a traditional touch is desired. For those moments, consider pairing a digital surprise with a handwritten note tucked inside a beautiful greeting card with an envelope.

What to Write in Your Ecard

While ecards offer pre-written sentiments, a personalized message adds a heartfelt touch. Here's how to craft the perfect message:

  • Keep it concise. People are busy, so aim for short and sweet.
  • Be specific. Mention a shared memory or inside joke for a personal touch.
  • Express yourself. Formal for colleagues, warm for friends, or playful for family.
  • Proofread! Typos can dampen the mood.

Quick Starts for Any Ecard:

  • Thinking of you! Wishing you a [occasion filled with joy/relaxation/success]!
  • Hope this card brightens your day! Sending you warm wishes for [reason for the card].
  • Just wanted to say [positive sentiment about the recipient]! Here's to you!
  • Can't wait to celebrate [occasion] with you! Sending you a big hug (or high five) in the meantime!

Sending Digital Greeting Cards: Check Those Emails Twice!

Ecards offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to stay connected. They're perfect for those who prefer a quicker alternative to traditional greeting cards with flowers. Digital greeting cards allow you to send well wishes instantly, but for occasions with a specific date, planning is key. offers scheduling options, so you can ensure your card arrives right on time, bringing a smile to the recipient's face at the perfect moment. Don't forget to double-check the email address before hitting send – a typo can mean a missed connection!