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What does a Premium membership include?

- Premium members enjoy sending ALL cards from our Premium collection. Premium collection are our site's best cards.

- All Premium members enjoy an ad-free experience. Nothing distracts their view and perception of the cards.

- The experience of the recipient of a card, sent by Premium user, is also ad-free, meaning that the recipient will enjoy their card much more and not be subjected to random ad messages in the process.

- Premium members get access to the cards they have received and sent in the past.

- All cards sent by Premium members are sent in larger size in comparison to our basic cards selection. Yes, you cards will be shown 270% larger!

- As a Premium member, your sent card will not expire after 10 days. This is a great feature, if the recipient is on vacation and did not check their mail in time. Basic cards expire after 10 days.

- Premium members can make their greeting more personal by sending their photographs. All photos will be send inside our signature 123cards envelope. If you wish to learn more, please visit our Make your own card page.

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