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Thank you 123cards! One of the best card providers with efficient, helpful staff and excellent customer service. I would make 123cards the First choice for any occasion. Delightful, meaningful cards at a reasonable price.

- Ms. Aoife Coleman

I have been a fan of 123cards forever it seems! I am grateful for your existence, esp. when family and friends were delighted to receive your creative cards! Thanks a million for your service. Keep up the good work!

- Kim Nolan, Australia

Your card selections are AMAZING! I look forward to sending more cards for every occasion. Watch out Hallmark. Thanks again

- Donna Digrazia

I have always enjoyed the privilege of using e-cards and am very happy that the cards are available. Great choices and it takes some head scratching which one to choose. Thank you 123cards!"

- Joan Bezuidenhout

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Awesome service, great selection of cards, plus I don't have to buy stamps or lick the darn envelope! No more shopping at a store for cards where I can't usually find the perfect ones. Very favorable comments from all recipients.

- Gary Brines

I get so tickled with your cards that I just start ordering. I love your service and have given up paper cards entirely. Who can beat 123cards?

- Joanie Glance

This is a fine example of good customer service and I won't use any other platform when I want to send ecards in future.

- Steve Lewis

123cards.com is amazing! You guys & gals really work fast! I sent just one email question and on the same day, you created a genuine masterpiece of a card - and sent it to me! Thank you again for your immediate attention & assistance! I was able to make a few people smile today, because of the quick-on-the-draw geniuses at 123cards.com!

- Laura Lutterbie

I have always loved 123 cards, and they will always be my first choice. For all the joy your cards bring to me and to my friends - thank you !

- Maura Flynn

Thank you for making it possible for me to reach out to my loved ones with a word of cheer.

- Ann Marie Garcia

I love to use 123cards. I can always find exactly the right one I'm looking for, whether I need something funny, noisy, mushy, friendly or just kind of generic. Great job folks!

- Nadja Jones

Thank you for the excellent service xxx ❤️

- Christine Saunderson

I share your sentiment about the importance of connecting with one another at Christmas and throughout the year. Thank you for your creative 'cards for all' which elicit a full range of emotions for each and every occasion.

- Alicia

You are the best e cards around. I have tried some of the others, but I always come back to you

- S. Clare Osborne

I love it! I live alone so it is a great mood-lifter.

- Mrs Glenys Little, Australia

Dear 123 ecards, cordial greetings from Taiwan! Many thanks for your frequent festival 123 ecards greetings offerings! It provides excellent opportunities for friends to exchange mutual best wishes! I am sure we, the beneficiaries, are all very grateful to you. Gratefully and faithfully yours.

- Friar Paul P. Pang, O.F.M.

Love your cards and I tell people about them often. Thank You.

- Lila S.

You offer a wonderful service. Thank you! I use your greetings at least a dozen times per year, and the choice of cards, are varied too.

- Ramani Rajapakse

LOVE all your cards, so do the recipients; so Thank You !!

- Katherine Sephton

I so enjoy using your 123 cards. Your web page is a blessing to me. I use it all the time. Thank you

- Arline F. Mammone

I LOVE your cards!!!

- Sister Nancy Illig

Using your website makes me happy. I am a senior citizen and sending a perusing your cards is a very cheerful time spent. It is also awesome to receive a reply for my feedback. Thank you!

- Cecilia R.

Your cards are delightful. I love them all.

- Asha Kannan

Love all the card choices! You get numerous feedback emails keeping you in the loop. I love that you can choose the date you want the card sent and you get an email when the recipient has opened the card! The hardest part is choosing a card, so many options!

- Iris Panasiuk, Canada

Thank you 123cards. Your cards are wonderful and your service is impeccable. You always make me look good!!!

- Shirley Weissman

Why can't just 10% of all the businesses in the world be as cooperative and as customer friendly as 123cards? Your business is rare, extremely rare. Thankful for 123cards.com and the exceptional staff.

- Jennette Bennett - USA

Thank you for providing this wonderful service. It's been a pleasure looking at your selection and sending them to people we know and love. Thank you.

- Dave & Linda

Thank you for all the beautiful cards you present. It is a blessing to all of us. Continue your good work. God bless you all.

- Azucena San Pedro

Your birthday card has made my day. Much appreciated! Such excellent customer service. Thank you to the Team at 123cards from one very happy customer!

- Brendah Ndebele

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent website. Great choice of cards, the ability to include personal messages, ease of use, a fast and powerful platform. Well done!

- Caroline Mochrie

I find that by researching your cards I find more appropriate cards than what I might find in local stores. I enjoy specific musical cards which I cannot always find at the stores. I thank you for making the many choices available from which to choose. Keep up the good work.

- Donald Shilts

You are the best and make sooooooo many people happy. I always get such great responses from your cards.

- Esther

I love 123cards and would always use them when possible. Thanks.

- Diane

I just love your cards. People I've sent your cards to on special occasions just loved them, cute, comical, adorable. What a laugh. Thanks again!

- Patricia Howse

I thank you very much for my birthday wishes. I am 68 years old but you helped me feel like I am only 12 years old. Thank you. May God bless you all.

- Sr. Constancia Mosakeng

Love your site.

- Betti McLellan

Thank you 123. As a pensioner living on a pension I am so greatful I have you to use.

- Rachel Rush

I'll always use 123cards.com from now on. Thank you!

- Terry Holmes

I'm a big fan of your ecards... So cute.

- Haifa

Thank you all so much for making it SO EASY to send ecards.

- Paul Running

Very easy to send a card - good work

- Marie and Ron

Thank you all so much for your wishes to me. It touched my heart with tears in my eyes. You are the first ones to wish me this. May God Bless you all. With my regards

- Margaret J. Lake

I love your variety and love quality and other features.

- Lucy Altenor-Joseph

I have been using 123 cards for years. Love the site! Always able to find the special card for that special occasion/person. What is so neat is that you are notified when the recipient receives your card and then in turn respond to you.

- Sandra V. Laskody

Your selection of ALL cards & with SO MANY choices are truly spectacular!!! The Halloween card I sent was greatly appreciated & shown to other families with young children & they loved the animation & all the fun effects!

- Theodore Scheid

I'm really honored to use 123 cards. I have put many smiles on people's faces using this service. Absolutely love It!

- Thomas Eldredge

Your service is great and your selection of cards is even better so I will definitely continue to use you in my birthday gift choices! Keep up the good work!

- Lillian Jeter

You are the best!!!! Have sent your cards for a long time and think your website is wonderful!!!!

- Leslie

Thanks. You run a great organisation. I only ever use your cards and the service is so efficient! Well done.

- Ruth Corman

I have been using 123 for quite a while and have found them to be very helpful in every way. Also your cards just seem to fit every occasion. Thanks for a wonderful job.

- Pike Smoak

Will definitely be ordering from 123cards again. The customer service is second to none!

- Sally Ridge

123cards is so EASY! I am housebound so it’s really difficult to find and send cards and gifts to my family and friends. With 123cards it’s so easy… plus the cards are really great".

- Kathleen Van Zyl, United Kingdom

I have no words to express my appreciation of the excellent work/service of 123cards. Keep up the good work. With best wishes

- A. N. Jagadeeswaran

Excellent website and first-class service. Order acknowledged, also when it was sent and when it was reviewed. We chose the ecard "Jiving Squirrel". The whole family loved it, particularly the grandchildren.

- Susan Craig

Very nice idea to send email cards at the last minute. The recipient said "I made her day"! That was nice to hear as a thank you.

- Margaret Moroz

You really do have outstanding cards. I like sending them to my friends.

- Rosalie H. Kaye

I always am satisfied with the service and the recipients feel special when they get a card. I can't think of changing anything. So thanks.

- Margaret Clark

I use eCards on occasions and think they are a great idea. They make the recipient feel special that the sender has gone to all that trouble to arrange a card.

- Vic Roby, Australia

I think you guys are incredible and have everything that an older person as myself could possibly want. I love every aspect of every classification, that you already have available, and can't thank you enough for having them available to me for FREE…Hope you all continue to be the success that you obviously are…

- John Davies, Australia

Thanks for providing the greatest website to us, whatever features the website have offered all the best.

- Vivian Chang

Your cards have been a part of my/our lives. My husband used to spend time looking for the sweetest cards you've got to send me even thought there is no special occasion. Now that he is gone, he just passed away, I feel so sad that no one is sending me ecards anymore. But I still send ecards to my relatives and friends. Thank you guys.


You guys are doing a fantastic job. Love all your e Greeting cards, especially the Birthday funny ones with cats and dogs.

- Remo P. Valdatta

How can you improve something that is PERFECT

- Bob

123cards, great product, great quality, great service. Must dash, cards to send! Keep up the good work.

- Stewart

Does exactly what it says on the tin, great service. Will definitely use again.

- Neil Cauldwell

Thank you so much for the joy you have brought into so many lives by enabling me to send cards to friends and family. It is so much appreciated. And I wish you blessings for the New Year, and a very successful one too.

- Yvonne Barnes

Sometimes in the winter in Vermont, I hesitate to get on the roads, but when I need a card for my wife of 69 years, as I did for Christmas, 123cards is my lifesaver. Thanks again.

- Galen Crandall

You have fantastic cards that have saved my butt more than once. Thank you 123cards.

- Jack Bogart

Just to let you know that I am very satisfied with all the different cards for different occasions!!! Don't stop!! Have a great day!!

- Mary James

I love your site and cards. Great Job!

- Berlinda

From Brisbane, Australia and Marazion in Cornwall, we all love and use your wonderful cards xxxx

- Anthony Grenville

I have fun with sending ecards whenever I want to. It's great!

- Geraldine Deboer

The support from your site is always very helpful and quick. The problem is always resolved professionally. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

- Joe Komada

I love what you guys do! You make so many people happy and you made my day today :) Thank you again so much!

- Tara Gibbons

Many thanks for your great service.

- Ian Dunbar

Just love how easy you make it for us to send our choice of a card from all the many lovely ones you have, Thank you again! XXXX

- Beverley

Thank you for the lovely selection of cards and for the timely reminders to me of special dates coming up. It is all much appreciated. With very best wishes and I hope I can still enjoy your website and service for a long time to come. (I am 81 ?)

- Marjorie Bougas

Very worthwhile to send those ecards to friends.

- Eddie Hwang

What a nice, pleasant surprise! :) So darn cute! Thank you bunches!

- Nancy Shepler

There is such a great selection that it is sometimes hard to choose the right card.

- Robert Grand

Thank you so much 123 - you've started my smiley day... I'm usually smiling....not so much today......until YOUR card... So thank you!

- Ms. Carmel R. Miller

I think this is an amazing site. Thank you!

- Alvia Antoniades

I wish to say "Thanks" for the use of your services as I know the cards I have sent are thoroughly enjoyed by my friends and family. Blessings to all.

- Tony Hunter

I just LOVE your site!!! Keep up the good work!

- Ruby Lang