I want to send an ecard

How much does it cost to send an ecard?

When sending an ecard, there are 3 options for you to choose from.

  • Send a “Basic ecard” option allows you to send your ecard for free. Ads will be displayed on the same page as your ecard, the card will expire after 10 days and the actual card will appear smaller then the premium page.
  • When choosing “Send as Premium” option ads will not be displayed on the page together with your card, the card view will be much larger and the card will stay live indefinitely - all for the price of 2.99 USD.
  • Finally, the 3rd option when sending an ecard is to become a member. Then all of your cards will be sent as Premium cards. You will start off with a 7-day trial, thereafter the price is USD 2.49 per month charged annually.
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