I want to send an ecard by text but when I enter the number, the site wouldn't accept it.

There are a few reasons why the telephone number of the recipient can not be accepted.

1. Please make sure that you are adding the telephone number of the recipient in the international format. For example, when adding a UK telephone number, remember that the zero at the front is omitted. This way, if you were trying to send a card to 0784 222 1156, set the country code to the UK (+44) and add only 7842221156 (without dashes or spaces).

2. The international prefix should not be entered in the box with the phone number but selected from the dropdown list if not already there.

3. If you previously were successful sending an ecard to a telephone number but now you are being informed that we no longer can send your ecard to that number, it is because our previous message to that number failed. When this happens, our partner, Twilio, blocks this number from further attempts. In different countries, there are different cell phone carriers, and they all have different rules. If we were not able to reach a particular number at some point, and the delivery failed, we can no longer send messages to that number. Therefore it is very limited what we can do on our end when the number has been blocked by them. Twilio is one of the leaders in the world for sending and receiving text messages.

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