Celebrating Cinco de Mayo without leaving your house

Plan a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration right in your own home!
Cactus with guitar celebration

Did you know that you can have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo at your house? With just a bit of planning, you will be celebrating this fun holiday without needing to go anywhere at all. Here are some truly interesting facts about Cinco de Mayo and a few ideas for how you can celebrate. Grab a paper and pen to start jotting down things you need to do so you can plan the best at-home Cinco de Mayo ever!


Fun facts about Cinco de Mayo

There are a lot of Cinco de Mayo fun facts because it is a celebration that many people do not know much about (beyond loving the delicious food served in many places). Below are a few noteworthy facts that will teach you more about Cinco de Mayo and why it’s such an important holiday:


  • Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Many people nowadays miss the true meaning behind the day, but it is actually incredibly significant. The 5th of May marks the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over France.
  • Why is it called Cinco de Mayo? That’s a simple question to answer! Cinco de Mayo is Spanish, and it translates to the 5th of May in English.
  • Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in every country? No, surprisingly, it isn’t. Although the holiday is gaining popularity in many areas, it is mostly celebrated in Mexico and the United States.
  • Does everyone have the day off in Mexico? In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo isn’t a federal holiday. That means most workplaces and businesses are still open on the 5th of May, regardless of its historical meaning.


Cinco de Mayo customs

Different communities celebrate Cinco de Mayo in different ways. There are a few common customs to mark the day, including parades, feasts, and traditional dancing. Depending on where you live in the world, Cinco de Mayo celebrations can include big or small events. The biggest celebrations take place in Puebla because that is where the historic battle was fought against the French. In Puebla, there is a yearly reenactment of the battle and a massive parade with many spectators. In North America, the holiday is often spent eating traditional foods and imbibing in some festive drinks.


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo 2023 and Beyond

Now that you know more about Cinco de Mayo and why it is celebrated, here are some ideas for how to make your own festivities. Each celebration can be planned at home, so sit back and relax! You’re right where you need to be to have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo.

  • Cook Traditional Recipes – What better way to celebrate the day than with a filling and tasty meal? Not to worry if you aren’t well-versed in Mexican cooking! There are many websites dedicated just to simple and delicious Mexican meals. If you are feeling particularly ambitious this Cinco de Mayo, you can try more complicated recipes or even recreate the meals popular during the mid-1800s when the battle took place. There are so many yummy Mexican recipes it might be tough to choose just one!

  • Plan a Delicious Taco Tuesday – If you don’t have too many ingredients around the house, then a Taco Tuesday might be the easiest meal to make. With hard or soft shells, some meat or tofu, and fresh toppings, you can have a great taco feast with little effort. In year 2023, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Tuesady but it's definitely a bonus points if it falls on a Tuesday! Next time Cinco de Mayo will fall on a Tuesday will be in 2027.


  • Send Cinco de Mayo cards - You can even send Cinco de Mayo cards from home. Send Cinco de Mayo ecards to your friends, family, and loved ones to remind them it’s time to celebrate. There are funny and festive Cinco de Mayo ecards free for you to send to whomever you’d like! They are beautifully animated and have lively music that the recipient will undoubtedly enjoy.


  • Invite friends over – You know what they say - the more the merrier. Orginise a Mexican themes potluck evening. Send your Cinco de Mayo ecard invitation, and get ready to party. As a host, you can thing about a welcome cocktail in two versions  - an alcoholic and a none-alcoholic one and a snack to go with it and you are all set, since everyone will be brining a dish of their own. Cinco de Mayo is an excellent reason to get together.

  • Learn the History of the Day – As you know, the history behind Cinco de Mayo is often overlooked. Now is a great time for you to learn more about the battle that took place and why it is so important in Mexican history. Learning more about the day, the battle, and the significance is a wonderful way to honor the memory of those who fought.


  • Try out a Traditional Dance – With the popularity of online dance tutorials, you will easily be able to find step-by-step instructions for some of Mexico's most popular historical dances. While some are more complicated, others are beautiful while going at a slower pace. If you don’t necessarily feel like dancing, you can watch videos of vibrant dancers putting on stunning shows from Cinco de Mayo events in the past.


Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo

This Cinco de Mayo, get creative and put together a celebration you’ll happily remember for years to come. It is a day to remember a historic battle, to celebrate Mexican traditions, and whether you celebrate it solo or with others, be sure to take some time to enjoy the day and help others to remember to join in the fun too!