I have sent an ecard

The recipient says that they have not received an ecard from me.

If the recipient did not receive your ecard, it could be for the following reasons:

  • The email address is incorrect.
  • Our email was blocked by recipient's spam filter. We do everything we can to by-pass spam filters but sometimes, unfortunately, it happens anyway. It is important to mark our emails as "Not Spam" if you or the recipient ever find any of our emails in a spam folder. Another great option to avoid our emails getting caught in a spam filter is to ask the recipient to add our email address to their address book, this way signifying to their email provider that we are a trusted sender.
  • Ask the recipient to check their "All Mail" folder. Most email providers have such an option. It could be that their email provider had allocated our emails into a different folder than Spam (such as Marketing or Promotional), and then it would be easier to simply view "All Mail" folder instead.
  • The email provider of the recipient blocked emails from 123cards. In this case, you can send the card to yourself and forward the link with your card to the recipient directly to their email address or even to their mobile phone by SMS, Messenger, Facebook etc.
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