I have entered a correct email address, but 123cards would not send an ecard to that address. Why?

If an ecard can not be delivered to a particular email address it could be for one of the following reasons:

1. The recipient has marked our emails as spam

The email of the recipient will be blocked from receiving ecards if the recipient has marked our email as spam previously. Please contact the recipient directly and ask them to get in touch with us by using the contact form below so that we remove the block.

If the recipient has another email address, you can also try sending them an ecard to the other email address instead. It is important to ask them not to mark our emails as spam in the future as this will result in us blocking the recipient's address once again.

Alternatively, we can deliver your ecard as a text message to any smartphone. If you do not have a valid email address for the recipient, simply enter your own instead and then add the mobile number of the recipient to send your ecard by text. Once the ecard has been sent, it is possible to share the card with the recipient on any social platform by sending them the link to their ecard directly via the channel that you use to communicate with them. The following article will explain how to share your ecard with the recipient directly via social platforms.

2. Emails sent to the recipient's address have previously bounced

If it has not been possible to deliver ecards to the entered email address on previous occasions (the emails to the recipient have bounced) you will see an error message on the screen. Whenever a card bounces it can be for multiple reasons such as the recipient's inbox being temporarily over quota (full) or a more permanent error such as the address no longer being in use. Please check that the email address you have does not include any typos and is up-to-date.

You are welcome to send us an email to let us know of a particular email address that you would like to reach, and we will be happy to look further into it for you.

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