How to send the perfect anniversary ecard

If you just spent hours searching for anniversary ecards for husband or anniversary ecards for wife, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a great variety of cards, especially anniversary ecards.
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Anniversary ecards can be delivered in a second

Anniversary ecards are a great way to surprise your loved one on their special day. All you have to do to bring a smile to their face is to look for the card that is most relevant to your relationship and speaks to your heart. Weather you’ll use the cutest or the most romantic card is up to you.

Anniversary ecards are great way to put into words what you feel and express your emotions to start off the anniversary day on a loving or reminiscent note.


Choose your perfect card

How to choose the perfect anniversary ecard? Well, if you are a romantic at heart, why not send him or her a card with two turtle doves, the symbol of true love. For generations, turtle doves have inspired humanity serving as symbols of love and fidelity. Don’t fancy the doves, why not send an anniversary card to spouse with a red rose? The card is even pre-filled with a loving message so that even if you are lost for words, your card will still melt the recipient’s heart. Another great option is to send our anniversary card with affectionate giraffes. It features the sweetest message of love and friendship.

If you want to go the extra mile and personalize your card by making it truly unique, why not make your own ecard by uploading your own photograph, featuring a fun or romantic moment together?

If you are looking for anniversary ecards for parents, or siblings, friends or neighbors check out our most popular cards with a dancing couple - “Anniversary dance” or with champagne glasses clinking - “Happy Anniversary”.


Writing the perfect weddings & anniversary ecard greeting

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write in an anniversary card. Here’s a little trick that might help you write a beautiful anniversary ecard to your loved one. Think about a wonderful moment that you shared together. Try to go back in your mind and remember how they looked, what they smelled like and how head over heels you were! Now capture that moment in your message.

Another way to come up with touching weddings & anniversary ecard greetings is to think about what makes you smile when you think about your paramour. Is it the comfort and safety you feel when you’re around them? Maybe it’s their sense of humor. How do you feel when you wake up next to them or when you look into their eyes?

Once the card has been selected, make sure to schedule your card ahead of time so that your spouse or your partner receives the card on time for your special day. Will your anniversary ecard be sent just as they get out of bed and check their phones, on the way to work, or, just as they thought you’ve forgotten it all, when you casually invite them to dinner that evening?


How to send an anniversary ecard

Sending anniversary ecards couldn’t be easier with

  1. Choose your card
  2. Personalize with your name, email, the recipient’s name, your anniversary or recipient’s anniversary, your headline and message of choice.
  3. Send it now or choose a future date to send it for added convenience.
  4. Take advantage of our Free 7-day Trial or pay a small one-time fee.
  5. Send your card!


Remember, we also have free anniversary cards! Our basic cards are free to send. Just select your card at the bottom of the category, not the top. Basic cards are always displayed in smaller size and they have ads displayed on the side.

With the convenience of being able to schedule a future date to send your anniversary ecards, that’s one more thing you check off your to-do list.

Go ahead, send an anniversary ecard today!


The green way to say I love you

Online greetings make sending your wishes of undying love environmentally friendly. Beyond the benefits of having multiple choices and being able to tell your loved one how much you love them at a blink of an eye, Mother Earth will thank you for sending wedding anniversary ecards complete with a sweet and heartfelt message.

More and more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact their actions have. So, show that you care twice - both for your amore and the environment.


More great cards to choose from

We have a vast selection not only for anniversaries but for birthdays, holidays, invitations, even specialty days like Cinco de Mayo and Halloween (spooky!). Go ahead, take a look around our selection of ecards, you might have a birthday, a special event or a graduation coming up. Make sure to send your good wishes!