Get ready, Christmas is just around the corner!

Excited for Christmas? Learn the best decorations, gifts, cards, and tips to make your celebration truly jolly this year.
Santa decorating Christmas tree

What are the Best Christmas decorations?

Turn on the Christmas songs and get decorating! One of the easiest ways to really get into the holiday spirit is to start putting up your Christmas decorations. Here are some of the options to make your house festive this Christmas season.

  • Getting the Perfect Christmas tree – A great holiday tradition to start this year is selecting your Christmas tree. Going to a Christmas tree farm and finding the tree that’s perfect for you can get you in the holiday spirit. Remember to measure the space you’re planning to put the tree in before you go. Then find the best shape and size for your space.
  • Putting up Twinkling Christmas Lights – What is prettier than the warm glow of holiday lights against the twilight sky? Since it’s getting dark earlier, it’s a great time to hang some bright lights outside of your home. There are so many types to choose from – you can pick traditional Christmas colors, white icicle lights, twinkle lights, and more! If you want to get even fancier, then find light up snowmen and reindeer to add to the holiday scene.
  • Curating a Fantastic Ornament Collection – Every tree is different, and so are the ornaments you hang on them. Your tree can have a theme that truly matches your personality. Some families choose to create a tree that's all one color like white or gold or red and green. Others purchase ornaments on their travels and have a tree that reminds them of the great trips they have taken over the years. Think about what type of ornaments would make you happiest throughout the month of December and decorate your tree accordingly.
  • Personalize Your Christmas Stockings – Make sure everyone gets the chance to customize their holiday stocking. Put out glitter glue, sewing kits, felt, and sequins and have a blast. It's a great way for your kids to make their stocking genuinely unique. Once they're done, hang them over the hearth and admire your beautiful work.
  • Creating Your Own Wreath – If you are feeling crafty, why not make your own Christmas wreath? You can pick up everything you need to make one at a craft store. Just get a hot glue gun, a wreath base, and whatever you want to use to decorate. Things like pinecones, ribbons, and little presents can help bring the holiday cheer to your door this year.
  • Building a Winter Wonderland Indoors – Leave the snow outside and get creative! By choosing the right elements, you can make your home feel like a cozy winter wonderland. From nutcrackers to snow globes, there are so many types of decorations you can choose. Remember to add candles and lights to get that soft glow that reminds us just how bright the winter season can be despite the chill.

Selecting the Best Christmas Gifts

The best gifts truly come from the heart. Make your gift selections by considering what makes the person the happiest. That can take time and consideration, but remember the thought is more important than the price. Friends, family, and loved ones will all appreciate the gifts that you really think about more than anything. If you aren’t sure, ask their friends or family what a certain person in your life might like to receive. Be sure to make a list of everyone you want to buy gifts for to make sure you don’t accidentally forget someone.

Sending Cheerful Christmas cards

A great way to ring in the holiday season is by sending festive Christmas ecards filled with happy Christmas wishes. Delivering joy is simple when you can send it straight to someone’s inbox. Choose a Christmas ecard that is fun, memorable, and shares the joy of the Christmas season. With so many different cards to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect one for everyone on your list.

Sharing Your Christmas wishes

Sending a Christmas card is wonderful, but are you stuck on what to write? Let’s go over a few holiday phrases you can include with your card:

  • Wishing you a very merry Christmas season!
  • Hoping you have the happiest holidays!
  • Have a holly jolly Christmas season!
  • Wishing you a magical Christmas season and a Happy New Year!


What to Do On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time when many families choose to celebrate in different ways. Some decide to go to midnight mass and celebrate Christmas at their church. Others have a big family dinner with Christmas crackers that hold little toys and tiny gifts. Many families also allow the children to open a single present on Christmas Eve. With Santa Claus on his way, it can be hard for the little ones to wait until the morning! To help make sure that Santa gets to celebrate too, many children put out Christmas cookies they’ve made. Christmas Eve can be a great time to bring the family together and create new, special traditions that you can practice for many years to come.

Celebrating Christmas Day

Everyone has their own idea about what makes the perfect Christmas celebration. Some choose to unwrap their gifts first thing. Others wait for everyone to wake up and unwrap their presents one by one. It's all about what fits your family best. Remember, it's a good idea to have extra batteries on hand if you have children who will be opening gifts. Often, gifts for kids won't work without batteries, and they aren't included. Don't get caught with a great gift that won't work right away – make sure you're prepared!