What is Mothering Sunday?

Mothering Sunday is a holiday celebrated in the UK on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor mothers and maternal figures. You can celebrate by saying “Happy Mothering Sunday” with an ecard! Here’s how.
Celebrating Mother's Day

What is Mothering Sunday? 

Mothering Sunday is a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday of Lent; it began as a way to honor and appreciate mothers and maternal figures. Many countries around the world celebrate mothers on specific days. Here are some of those dates: 

  • Second Sunday in May - United States, Australia, Ecuador, Japan, Jamaica, Malaysia, Canada, China
  • Last Sunday in May - France, Haiti, Morocco, Sweden
  • June 29 - Kenya
  • December 8 - Spain and Portugal, observed with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • December 22 - Indonesia, first celebrated to honor the 1928 Women’s Congress

Why Celebrate Mothering Sunday? 

Mothering Sunday is rooted in the Christian tradition, and it was originally a day for people to return to their "mother" church, or the church where they were baptized. In Spain and Portugal, the day is celebrated alongside the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in December. 

Mothering Sunday is celebrated to honor and appreciate mothers and maternal figures for their unconditional love, care, and support. Here are five interesting facts about Mothering Sunday: 

  • In medieval times, Mothering Sunday was a time to return to a person’s “mother church”. This would have been the church where a person was baptized, and it was observed on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten season, as it still is in the UK today. 
  • During the 17th and 18th Centuries, the holiday evolved to become a day when servants were given a day off from their duties within their master’s homes. 
  • During World War II, American Soldiers stationed in the UK observed Mother’s Day in May, as is the custom in America, causing a bit of confusion with the locals. The UK ultimately kept their observance for mothers during the Lent season. 
  • Many families offer small gifts of appreciation for their mothers, grandmothers, and even special aunts. In the UK, the traditional dessert for Mothering Sunday is a Simnel cake, a fruit cake using Marzipan as part of the frosting.
  • For most countries, the date for Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day changes with each year’s calendar. 


How can I Join in Mothering Sunday? 

Over time, Mothering Sunday has evolved into a day for people to visit and give gifts to their mothers and other maternal figures in their lives. It is a time to show appreciation for the love, care, and support that mothers and maternal figures provide. Mothering Sunday is an opportunity to express gratitude towards the women who have played an important role in our lives and to acknowledge the sacrifices they have made. The holiday also serves as a reminder of the importance of family and the bond between a mother and her children. Here are some celebration ideas your mom will love!

In addition to honoring individual mothers, the holiday also celebrates the idea of motherhood and the nurturing qualities that are associated with it. Typically, children will send Mothering Sunday cards to their mother, and a husband or wife will send a Mothering Sunday card to their spouse. Other special people to include in your remembrance of mothers include stepmothers, mothers-in-law, a special aunt or older cousin, a mentor, special teacher, or family friend with whom you have developed a strong relationship.

If you have someone in your life who has played a maternal role, such as an aunt, sister, or close family friend, you may also want to consider sending them a card to acknowledge their importance in your life. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide who you want to send a Mothering Sunday card to, but it's always a good idea to take the opportunity to show appreciation for those who have had a positive impact on your life. You’ll find a great selection of pre-made Mother’s Day ecards here.

What to Write in a Mothering Sunday eCard? 

Sending a Mothering Sunday eCard is a wonderful way to stay connected to your mother, grandmother, or another special woman who has meant a lot in your life. Here are some things to write in a Mothering Sunday ecard: 

  • Express gratitude: Thank your mother or maternal figure for all the love, care, and support they have given you over the years.
  • Share memories: Write about a special memory you have with your mother, or recall a time when she did something that made a big impact on you. You can create a personalized Mothering Sunday card using a photo of that special event.
  • Show appreciation: Tell your mother how much you appreciate everything she does for you, and how much she means to you.
  • Share your feelings: Write from the heart about how much you love your mother, and how she has helped shape the person you have become.
  • Offer support: Let your mother know that you are there for her, and that you appreciate all the sacrifices she has made for you and your family.

Remember, the most important thing is to write from the heart and let your mother know how much you care about her. For more tips on what to write in your Mother's day ecard, please see our previous blog article.

When to Send Mothering Sunday eCards

Mothering Sunday is a holiday in the United Kingdom that celebrates and honors mothers and maternal figures. The holiday has its roots in the Christian tradition and provides an opportunity to express gratitude for the love and support that mothers provide.

If you're planning to send a Mothering Sunday eCard, it's a good idea to aim to schedule it a few days before the holiday so that it arrives on time. To start your loved one’s day off with a smile, be sure to schedule your card to arrive early in the morning of Mothering Sunday. Most people check email before doing anything else. As you are scheduling the card for delivery, be certain to double check the email address, date, and time so that your card arrives on time!